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**FLSC October 2016
Thank you for your time working with us on this and we appreciate your positive response to our dilemma after the fire by responding quickly to our need and continuing to respond to questions and needs as the process continued. Thanks for everything- Kathy

**The Immaculate Conception 10 /10 August 2, 2016
Very professional, very thorough. My husband and I did a walkthrough of the Church and we are thrilled with your company’s work!! Everything that they cleaned looks 100% better and the church smells great. Your employees did a remarkable job cleaning, especially, as we are aware that the church had not been thoroughly cleaned in a long time and the work was daunting for your people. P.S. Also wanted to tell you that the employees that cleaned the church were very professional, helpful and polite. Kelly, who was our main contact with your company was also extremely professional, responded in a very timely manner to all of our inquiries, and was very helpful during the whole process. Thank you again Mary M & John

**Intertek Plastics Technology 10/10 February 10, 2016
They arrived when expected, very professional.

**Monterey Town Hall 9/10 March 31, 2016
No comment supplied

**Christian Assembly Church 10/10 March 31, 2015
When you need to call ServiceMaster you’re usually not in a good situation! They know what to do and do it well. They know customer service and stay calm when you might not be! I would recommend them to everyone. I called them because of their great reputation and they did not disappoint.

*Lee Housing 10/10 August 10, 2015
Quick & thorough

**Becket Elementary School 10/10 April 24, 2012
No comment supplied

**Bruce G Grinnell Partners LLP 10/10 May 10, 2012
Came out at 11:30 at night to begin the clean up and stayed on the job until 2:30am. Handled all facets of the job including the removal of the wet sheetrock to prevent the beginning and / or spread of mold

**Berkshire Technology Partners LLC 10/10 April 4, 2012
Even though we placed our emergency call to you on a Sunday night, your response was immediate (you had people on site within a half an hour) and you followed through until the cleanup was complete. Communication was excellent and you make our insurance



**Michelle 10/10
ServiceMaster of the Berkshires was dependable and fast-acting. Their immediate response lessened the amount of damage.

**Robert 10/10
Personal, competent, friendly staff who keep you in the clean up loop and help guide you with what's to come next.

**Bernard 10/10
Fast, efficient & polite. Cleans up while work is being done and after.

**Marilyn G 10 / 10 September 30, 2016
Efficient and effective carpet cleaning by knowledgeable and courteous professionals, who arrive on time and respect the customer’s home

**Ruth S 10 / 10 September 6, 2016
Kelly was very helpful with my questions and in general with setting up the job. Cleaning crew did a great job with the basement.

**Kathie C 10 / 10 August 9, 2016
The staff went above and beyond to help you. They really cared!!!!

**Robert B 10 / 10 August 4, 2016
The fellows that showed up to do the work were a pleasant surprise. They were great! Very clean cut and well mannered. They did a thorough job in a timely fashion. We will definitely use your service again.

**David C 10 /10 June 27, 2016
Good Communication. Services delivered in a timely fashion as promised.

**Lois S 10 /10 February 11, 2016
I liked and appreciated the immediate response to the furnace/water damage at my home. The professionalism of all the workers. The efficiency of removing all the water soaked sheetrock insulation and carpeting. The sensitivity to the installing plastic walls to isolate smells and debris from the rest of the house. The constant monitoring of the installed equipment. Taking my calls and addressing all the issues with respect and concern. I would rate them a 10 plus. Thank You Lois S.

**Susan B 9/10 September 24, 2016
They arrived on time, were courteous and friendly, did an excellent job, and cleaned up after themselves. It doesn’t get much better than that. Your prices are reasonable.

**Karen K 10 /10 April 7, 2016
Everybody was very professional, prompt and polite. They did what they promised and were prompt when I called on a weekend for a problem.

**Claire R 10/10 August 7, 2015
Reasonable prices. Great results.

**Susan O 10 /10 November 3, 2015
Prompt, helpful and reliable

**Donna B 10/10 August 8, 2015
Courteous, efficient and knowledgeable staff

**Anthony P 10/10 May 2, 2015
Quick response, personable service people. Thank You

Debbie M 9/10 August 1, 2014
It was very helpful to have someone else do the cleaning. You have all the correct tools to get the job done correctly.

**Joseph S 10/10 March 29, 2014
Did a good job, in and out on your own. Real professionals

**Brittany S 10/10 June 20, 2014
The crew was polite and knowledgeable; they arrived on time and cleaned the carpets in 3 bedrooms and the living room. The carpets came out great and I am happy with the service. I would recommend them to my friends.

**Marcia H 10/10 January 7, 2014
Had mold and they took care of everything

**Ivan R 10/10 February 5, 2014
The ServiceMaster consultants were incredibly professional. They came in the day of the incident and immediately started working on the issue. They brought in the necessary equipment and assured me that everything would be taken care of and all my concerns mitigated. I checked in two days later nad they brought in even more equipment. When the floors appeared to be dry they were not satisfied and removed all baseboards to check for moisture in the wall and under the floor. The owner of the company, Lester Shaw, called me personally to assure me that the level of service would be nothing short of professional.

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